Sunday, July 09, 2017

A&W Giving Away Root Beer Floats On August 6th

If you're a Root Beer Fan and like a nice Root Beer float then you are in luck! Your local A&W will be giving away free Root Beer floats on August 6th, 2017, to help raise funds for Disabled American Veterans. It's a worthy cause and you get a Root Beer float! Everybody wins!

A&W Restaurants nationwide are partnering with DAV (Disabled American Veterans) to celebrate National Root Beer Float Day on August 6. Root Beer lovers can participate in the festivities using hashtag #RootBeerFloatDay. All day long participating restaurants will give away free small Root Beer Floats with any purchase. For the first time, A&W will raise money for DAV, which supports more than one million veterans every year. A&W patrons will be encouraged to contribute to DAV during the celebration. Donations also can be made online at

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Look At Orca Beverages, Retro Soda At Its Best

Here's a look at a nice article on Orca Beverages, the maker of many fine retro Sodas and Root Beers. This Mukilteo, Washington enterprise is turning out many classic beverages using classic formulae, real Cane Sugar and a love for the product. I've had quite a few of their products and they've all been pretty darned good. Nice to see them getting some press time. Drop by for a look at Orca's website and, if you can't find their products near you, you can order direct from the manufacturer.